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Most of you would probably recognize Jessica Kagan Cushman’s Nantucket bangles or canvas totes which sport witty sayings such as “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” and “My Other Bag is a Chanel”. Her style of accessories allow the wearer to express themselves with bright colors, sarcasm and a whole lot of flare. When I met Jessica at Premiere Classe in Paris this summer I immediately fell in love with these skull rings covered in diamonds and told her I would literally wear it as my wedding band (someday very far from now). Skulls have a very fine line between tacky and trendy but I really think this style is simple enough to make a statement with out looking like Bret Michaels. Plus, what is a more literal way to say “til death do us part” than rocking a skull on that wedding finger.

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On Tuesday night, Heather and I attended the launch of FEED Collection, a line of bracelets in collaboration with Links of London designed with fashion and charity in mind. Lauren Bush’s foundation, FEED, has been striving to end world hunger for almost six years now and these new bracelets are the next step in spreading the word and stopping the famine. With five bracelets total, represented by a different symbol and engraved with a number on the back, each style signifies the individual impact each bracelet has and is a constant reminder of the impact your purchase made. We are so glad we had the opportunity to attend such a charitable event and learn more about the cause from Lauren Bush herself.  We think these bracelets are the new IT wrist piece so if you don’t have one yet, click here, join the power and we all thank you for being a part of the solution to world hunger.

(Special thanks to Christina it was such a pleasure getting to know you! xoxo)

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Over the summer I discovered RRHEA jewelry at the PROJECT tradeshow and instantly was drawn to the collection. It is so simple yet strong and uses movement in metals that I haven’t seen done well in a very long time. The price point is definitely aspirational but the styling and craftsmanship is impeccable. With a campaign video that fierce, I have a feeling this is the beginning to a strong career for this young Parisian designer.

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