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My favorite part of attending so many trade shows every year is the opportunity to discover designers who are brand spank’n new or unknown in the USA. Often at shows I walk for 20 minutes without finding a booth I am willing to stop at and chat with but sometimes, very rarely, I discover a brand like Maison La Biche.

It was my last day covering the shows in Paris and I only had a few hours left to check out a small show called The Box; it was located in the basement of another show and my initial impression was underwhelmed to say the least. I walked through 50 booths filled with luggage and iPad covers before I got to a small area that had a few stands with jewelry, hats and the occasional shoe. With my eyes peeled and my patience running low, I spot a small stand with two girls dressed casually chic and chatting in the most, well…casual and chic way. They must be french, I adore them already. Sure enough, as I approach they both greet me with big smiles and a cheerful “Bonjourrrr!”. The bright colors and unique designs of their collection catch my eye as I embarrassingly confess to them my french is sub-par. Luckily they switch immediately to English and are more than happy to walk me through the collection. Jenny and Marie tell me about their desire to start working with their hands again, to go back to a world were creation was not stifled by corporate constraint. Jenny and Marie had both been working in the industry for quite some time as a designer and a stylist, respectively. They tell me that they also have a t-shirt line at Colette (of course they do, they were too cool not to). The more they tell me about their brand the more I fall in love. Mixing nautical cords with over-sized crosses, feathers and skulls, delicate charm bracelets and gangster-like chain…everything was just so good and even more than anything, so salable. Their brand just proves how passion and bravery can free your mind and allow you to embark on your own creative journey. I can’t wait to see what their newest collection looks like in a few weeks when I return to Paris, YEAH BABY!

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Over the summer I discovered RRHEA jewelry at the PROJECT tradeshow and instantly was drawn to the collection. It is so simple yet strong and uses movement in metals that I haven’t seen done well in a very long time. The price point is definitely aspirational but the styling and craftsmanship is impeccable. With a campaign video that fierce, I have a feeling this is the beginning to a strong career for this young Parisian designer.

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In today’s world where fashion is turning faster than ever it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. To become a relevant brand in this kind of retail environment is extremely difficult in itself but staying relevant is an even harder task. One aspect of developing a label that is so often overlooked is the idea of developing a Brand Essence; a sense of identity that goes beyond silhouettes and style but rather paints a vivid picture of what the brand stands for, what defines it and who it caters to. When I came across Austrian footwear collection ROSA MOSA at Premiere Classe in Paris there was something so intelligent and intriguing about the attention paid to developing their brand message that I couldn’t help but share!




As this whirlwind week comes to an end, I leave you with a visual diary to dissect and digest. I met so many amazing people at the tradeshows and even on the streets, ate macaroons, shopped and noted every detail of Paris retail and Galeries Lafayette, drank ample Cafe au Lait, watched trend seminars, slept a little and learned a lot. Paris is a melting pot of cultures and creativity and I am pleased to share every beat of our adventure with you… next stop: Antwerp, Belgium.


Today at the ECLAT DE MODE exhibition in Paris there was an overwhelming presence of one trend in particular. It seemed as though every exhibitor had a variation of skull detailing in their jewelry. Whether it was printed, carved, etched or molded, these little skeleton heads were popping up everywhere, check out some of our favorites below.

buddha to buddha book – lost in the mail for months

as you know, i LOVE real mail. i also love my buddha to buddha bracelet from holland.
batu zent me a copy of his inspiration book months ago & its just not hit my desk.
this is just the cover, but the book itself is sooo amazing. thank you thank you!!!

nOir Barbie Dream House Ring


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