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In case you didn’t have a chance, during our very wonderful holiday, to check out the Mens Global Themes on the site here is a breakdown of the trends we called out for SPRING 2013.


Probably my favorite theme for men in 2013, this trend focuses on the balance between futuristic couture and athletic inspiration. Minimalism is the key to keeping this trend balance with a monochromatic color palette and touches of metallic and holographic finishes. Look to brands like Y-3 and Margiela for inspiration.



With a huge sweep of tropical influences, SS13 for men also supports a sea-side trend, from over-sized Hawaiian prints to casual resort wear. We focus on the diver watch being a key element in supporting this trend as scuba gear is a major influence. New fabrics such as Neoprene, nylon and ripstop are highlighted.



From gladiator sandals and safari inspired bags at Michael Kors to straw materials and bright colors at Burberry, there was a vast range of African influences. We look to new material combinations and fabrications such as canvas, braided jute and wax-finished leathers. Over-sized cuffs and neck-wear also make a statement for SS13, setting a new identification from past seasons’ African expression.



Taking inspiration from pure Rock-n-Roll, this trend is not defined by a specific decade but rather a free-spirited and grungy sensibility. For many decades music has influenced fashion but one consist trend taken from the industry is a nod to rocker’s non-nonchalant garb. With juxtapositions from distressed and worn in tailoring at John Varvatos to casual kick-back Cobain style at Nicholas K, this trend is sure to fill the shelves for SS13 with more attitude and style than any of the others.

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I love the styling on this shoot… Nicholas Galetti always does such a good job and with subjects like these soon to be big-shot models, you can’t go wrong! I especially love the mixed media in the accessories and the printed Nikes in the first image. Jacob Morton, Felix Cordier, Patrick O’Donnell and Jan Philip Zuelke show that not only “girls just wanna have fun”.  Shot by Matias Indjic for Dedicated Magazine.


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In case you haven’t had a chance to check out the Men’s SS13 analysis, its up on the site ! Some key call outs for SS13 highlight the continuous global acceptance of androgyny. Men’s handbags become one of the largest categories while more casual, street influences are noted in footwear.The biggest trend across mens and women’s eyewear was the emergence of a reflective lens and the continuation of colored frames. Overall we see that texture and materials take a leading role in determining the trends for SS13 in menswear. For more info and the full report head to

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All of the men’s top designers from the SS12 collections are up on the site… get your hunny fix now !

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Super cool unisex tote from super cool collaborators Mark McNairy and Chester Wallace! You can buy it here.


I met Mark McNairy at the Capsule Men’s tradeshow back in July and loved these boots he did, look familiar??

happy Monday ! xo

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The Macbook changed our expectations for a computer. The iPod changed the way which we listen to music. The iPhone changed the way in which we communicate. The iPad changed the way we read, see, understand and interpret the most simple activities. Pixar changed the way we watch movies. Steven Jobs’ innovation vastly changed the world, created a universal culture known as Apple. As someone who was born into a generation of computers I can proudly say my first was in fact a Macintosh; I remember the rainbow Apple as if it was yesterday. Before I even knew who Steve Jobs was, he was impacting my life and I am positive there are many of us out there who can say the same. He was a consummate innovator who literally brought life to our lives through technology and for that, I am truly thankful.

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

-Steven Jobs 1955-2011

Below some of the ways in which Apple’s effect even reached into the fashion industry:

images via netaporter
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Our street style photogs have been out and about snapping away during fashion week this season and we’ve begun to notice an interesting trend emerging in mens accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty of men in my travels wearing cross-body man bags and even over sized totes but never have I seen such a strong trend of men donning lady’s handbags without even the slightest hesitation. For a couple of years now we have seen a huge shift towards Androgyny as an overall lifestyle trend and it is only going to pick up speed as we plunge into the future. Is this a direction that men of the world are willing to embrace or is this simply a stylish coincidence contained to the savvy streets of Fashion Week ?

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In today’s world where fashion is turning faster than ever it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. To become a relevant brand in this kind of retail environment is extremely difficult in itself but staying relevant is an even harder task. One aspect of developing a label that is so often overlooked is the idea of developing a Brand Essence; a sense of identity that goes beyond silhouettes and style but rather paints a vivid picture of what the brand stands for, what defines it and who it caters to. When I came across Austrian footwear collection ROSA MOSA at Premiere Classe in Paris there was something so intelligent and intriguing about the attention paid to developing their brand message that I couldn’t help but share!



SUPER Sunglasses Autumn 2011

The Panama silhouette set the standard for the new Super Autumn 2011 collection. The colors below span the entire season.

The America frame is created to invoke a particular Americana: jukeboxes, Cadillac and Johnny Cash, seen through the lens of a 90’s Wrigley’s commercial.

The Paloma silhouette comes with a round shape, still rare to the SUPER collection.

More to come…

Marc by Marc Jacobs 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

Woop Woop!! With lightning bolts for hands and a black/white graphic face, the watches are also inscribed with ‘Love Marc Jacobs’ at the back and comes with a leather and metal straps. The watches also will come packaged in a limited edition box that has a graphic inner lining similar to that on the face.