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Depeapa Jewelry

Getting my head ready to road trip to Chicago in September with my bestie for the Renegade Craft Fair and to visit friends brought to mind this cutesy artist…

Gilly Langton Jewellery

Scottish designer Gilly Langton combines crisp matte silver with coloured elastics to create a light hearted mix of contemporary jewellery.

Chewed by Tuesday Pen Cap Necklaces

For those that have an oral fixation with all things plastic like myself (ahem, leather hunny) Chewed by Tuesday has created a 925 sterling silver chewed (and unchewed) pen cap necklace.

TOMTOM Jewelry

Takes me back to my pyramid stud punk rock days…oh wait, they never really ended.

Find ’em here


Just drooling over my favorite pages from Pedderzine again…the layout is great.

Sisicata Natural Resin Jewelry

I love resin and anything natural that grounds me. Sylwia Calus, a young emerging Polish designer, casts moss, amber, pine bark, and other earthy wonders in clear resin in the shape of bangles, globe pendants, rings, and more.

Unearthen Resort11

Favorites from the latest Unearthen lookbook