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My favorite part of attending so many trade shows every year is the opportunity to discover designers who are brand spank’n new or unknown in the USA. Often at shows I walk for 20 minutes without finding a booth I am willing to stop at and chat with but sometimes, very rarely, I discover a brand like Maison La Biche.

It was my last day covering the shows in Paris and I only had a few hours left to check out a small show called The Box; it was located in the basement of another show and my initial impression was underwhelmed to say the least. I walked through 50 booths filled with luggage and iPad covers before I got to a small area that had a few stands with jewelry, hats and the occasional shoe. With my eyes peeled and my patience running low, I spot a small stand with two girls dressed casually chic and chatting in the most, well…casual and chic way. They must be french, I adore them already. Sure enough, as I approach they both greet me with big smiles and a cheerful “Bonjourrrr!”. The bright colors and unique designs of their collection catch my eye as I embarrassingly confess to them my french is sub-par. Luckily they switch immediately to English and are more than happy to walk me through the collection. Jenny and Marie tell me about their desire to start working with their hands again, to go back to a world were creation was not stifled by corporate constraint. Jenny and Marie had both been working in the industry for quite some time as a designer and a stylist, respectively. They tell me that they also have a t-shirt line at Colette (of course they do, they were too cool not to). The more they tell me about their brand the more I fall in love. Mixing nautical cords with over-sized crosses, feathers and skulls, delicate charm bracelets and gangster-like chain…everything was just so good and even more than anything, so salable. Their brand just proves how passion and bravery can free your mind and allow you to embark on your own creative journey. I can’t wait to see what their newest collection looks like in a few weeks when I return to Paris, YEAH BABY!

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Headed to the ASOS SS12 preview last week and it totally blew my mind. Their use of fabrication is incredible considering the price point. I loved all the tropical inspired hot shorts and mini dresses. The lucite tinted visor and perforated backpacks were so cool too. I am always so impressed by the evolution of ASOS as a private label brand. Some of my favorite shots below….

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I don’t even think Cruella De Vil would know how to handle the amount of dalmatian print showing up at retail all over the world right now. Of course, all of these styles are conceptual and not actually dalmatian skin. (that would send PETA over the edge, I am sure of it.) BUT, I do think its a great alternative to the overkill of animal we are seeing for the umpteenth season. ThOSE Penelope + Coco pumps are DYNAMITE and literally my favorite thing on the internet right now, I would HIGHLY encourage any fashionista in their right mind to swoop them before they are sold out. How do you guys feel about dalmatian? Are you going to rock this trend once our bone chilling Manhattan winter sets in?










Most of you would probably recognize Jessica Kagan Cushman’s Nantucket bangles or canvas totes which sport witty sayings such as “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” and “My Other Bag is a Chanel”. Her style of accessories allow the wearer to express themselves with bright colors, sarcasm and a whole lot of flare. When I met Jessica at Premiere Classe in Paris this summer I immediately fell in love with these skull rings covered in diamonds and told her I would literally wear it as my wedding band (someday very far from now). Skulls have a very fine line between tacky and trendy but I really think this style is simple enough to make a statement with out looking like Bret Michaels. Plus, what is a more literal way to say “til death do us part” than rocking a skull on that wedding finger.

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On Tuesday night, Heather and I attended the launch of FEED Collection, a line of bracelets in collaboration with Links of London designed with fashion and charity in mind. Lauren Bush’s foundation, FEED, has been striving to end world hunger for almost six years now and these new bracelets are the next step in spreading the word and stopping the famine. With five bracelets total, represented by a different symbol and engraved with a number on the back, each style signifies the individual impact each bracelet has and is a constant reminder of the impact your purchase made. We are so glad we had the opportunity to attend such a charitable event and learn more about the cause from Lauren Bush herself.  We think these bracelets are the new IT wrist piece so if you don’t have one yet, click here, join the power and we all thank you for being a part of the solution to world hunger.

(Special thanks to Christina it was such a pleasure getting to know you! xoxo)

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Over the summer I discovered RRHEA jewelry at the PROJECT tradeshow and instantly was drawn to the collection. It is so simple yet strong and uses movement in metals that I haven’t seen done well in a very long time. The price point is definitely aspirational but the styling and craftsmanship is impeccable. With a campaign video that fierce, I have a feeling this is the beginning to a strong career for this young Parisian designer.

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Prada has launched a fine jewelry line set to be released this November (appropriately just before everyone’s holiday shopping commences). I personally think its the perfect reflection of Prada; feminine, strong and detail oriented. 3D flowers were everywhere on the runways and now it appears like this trend even made its way into fine jewelry although let’s be honest, Miuccia doesn’t follow trends.

I will take those red rose bud earnings, yes please!

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As one of the most powerful fashion houses in the world, Mulberry has dominated the handbag market with multiple bestseller styles including it-girl favorite, the Alexa bag. For next spring, Mulberry plans to release these gorgeous gold cuffs which will also have the traditional padlock closure for the perfect Mulberry finishing touch. I can’t wait to get my hands on the rose gold one and I am certain we will be seeing them on the wrists of editors across the world very soon.

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Considering how baron the necks of NYFW were I was thrilled to see these killer statement necklace come down the runway in London. Stay tuned for full LFW coverage coming today! We are back from Milan so now I have time to actually serve up a runway feast! xx


Two words: NECK BELT. After last season’s presence of metallic chokers and collars I thought for sure there would be a lot of form fitting neckwear but this takes the cake. Although there has been virtually no jewelery coming down the NYFW runway I think this makes such a bold statement and I love it for SS12… I can imagine it in floral prints or spectator stripes as well.

Much like the vibe of Altuzarra, Charlotte Ronson had a very Utilitarian Femininity about it. The strappy sandals with the sheer knee-high socks underneath is a refreshing update to the clunky silhouettes of last year. We again see another metallic shoe in Ronson’s collection proving it to be a key player in NYFW.

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