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I have thousands of folders on my personal laptop as well as my work pc filled with images from various website/tumblrs/blog/etc and it seems as though I keep becoming more and more drawn to this specific, blood orange, hue. Although it is a bit bright for fall I think it works in its own warm and cozy way, making it oh so right and I for one a digging it.

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I am seriously loving this metal toe trend happening right now. From Louis Vuitton to Bebe and everyone in between. Its fresh and encompasses both the pointed toe trend happening as well as metallic. Love love love!




NOWHERE by Elin Kling


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I’m really into rose gold right now and this little clutch from Botkier is major! The color is perfect for autumn and I would totally rock it PFW editor style with white denim and an oversized IRO t-shirt.  Buy it here !

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Although I will be the first to admit that more often than not, certain runway trends never actually make it, well, off the runway; this is one abstract accessory that has serious potential. The “visor” has already made its way into the hearts of bloggers all over the world which is usually the first step to global acceptance. Of course there are probably golfers and senior citizens all over the USA claiming they’ve been wearing this trend for decades but as we all know, fashion is truly determined by the right timing. Whether this visor trend has staying power is truly up to the consumer but I think it is a great alternative to the classical fedora we’ve been seeing for a few years now. Check out the various photos below and be the judge for yourself.

images via columbinesmile. fashionerogue, susiebubble

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A cool trend I noticed while I was in Europe were these thread wrapped accessories; from choker necklaces, [which we can all agree are the coolest piece to have this season] to bracelets and even hoop earrings. It is such a simple detail but yields so much room for creativity by alternating colorways, texture and even layers. Below are a few high-res images from Topshop that can be found here.

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Temperatures are cooling off, the sky is as blue as can be and the crisp signs of Autumn lurk with each gust of wind. I can’t think of a better way to spend this weekend then cozy with friends in the Hamptons so that’s just we will will do! Headed out this evening with Heather Lunny, the Magazine Editor at Fashion Snoops (her blog is amazing if you haven’t seen it already…here). We will report back with ample inspiration from chunky sweaters, dinner table delights and beach snapshots sure to ease everyone into the coming fall season.

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I discovered this blog LUXIRARE over a year ago and I literally am blown away every single time I take a peek. She has impeccable style and the best part is that she makes every single piece herself. She is a visionary with unprecedented craftsmanship and I am especially loving this caged clutch at the moment. For more inspiration from LUXIRARE visit her blog HERE.

SUPER Sunglasses Autumn 2011

The Panama silhouette set the standard for the new Super Autumn 2011 collection. The colors below span the entire season.

The America frame is created to invoke a particular Americana: jukeboxes, Cadillac and Johnny Cash, seen through the lens of a 90’s Wrigley’s commercial.

The Paloma silhouette comes with a round shape, still rare to the SUPER collection.

More to come…

Hermès x Kongo Silk Scarves

Hermès has teamed up with graffiti artist Kongo this fall to produce a line of silk scarves based around his signature style – with part of the proceeds going towards graffiti collective Kosmopolis which supports young artists!

La Raffinerie – Chic Bazaar FW 11/12

Really liking the primary colors and simple materials of these necklaces by La Raffinerie for FW 11/12…