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My favorite part of attending so many trade shows every year is the opportunity to discover designers who are brand spank’n new or unknown in the USA. Often at shows I walk for 20 minutes without finding a booth I am willing to stop at and chat with but sometimes, very rarely, I discover a brand like Maison La Biche.

It was my last day covering the shows in Paris and I only had a few hours left to check out a small show called The Box; it was located in the basement of another show and my initial impression was underwhelmed to say the least. I walked through 50 booths filled with luggage and iPad covers before I got to a small area that had a few stands with jewelry, hats and the occasional shoe. With my eyes peeled and my patience running low, I spot a small stand with two girls dressed casually chic and chatting in the most, well…casual and chic way. They must be french, I adore them already. Sure enough, as I approach they both greet me with big smiles and a cheerful “Bonjourrrr!”. The bright colors and unique designs of their collection catch my eye as I embarrassingly confess to them my french is sub-par. Luckily they switch immediately to English and are more than happy to walk me through the collection. Jenny and Marie tell me about their desire to start working with their hands again, to go back to a world were creation was not stifled by corporate constraint. Jenny and Marie had both been working in the industry for quite some time as a designer and a stylist, respectively. They tell me that they also have a t-shirt line at Colette (of course they do, they were too cool not to). The more they tell me about their brand the more I fall in love. Mixing nautical cords with over-sized crosses, feathers and skulls, delicate charm bracelets and gangster-like chain…everything was just so good and even more than anything, so salable. Their brand just proves how passion and bravery can free your mind and allow you to embark on your own creative journey. I can’t wait to see what their newest collection looks like in a few weeks when I return to Paris, YEAH BABY!

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As I am sure you have already heard, Kanye West couldn’t sleep last night so he decided to fire off 86 tweets about his plans to “pick up where Steve Jobs left off” and inspire the world to come together in a relentless global brainstorm on all levels of creativity. Although I have been a pretty tough critic of Kanye’s in the past, especially his attempt at being a fashion designer, I have to give him a virtual high-five for this. If there is something Kanye is undoubtedly good at, its catching peoples attention and its about time celebrities of the world turn all that spot-light into positive energy.  He is asking people all over the world to step up and join him on what could be one of the worlds biggest creative cultivations to date. DONDA, the name of his new company, is looking to bring reform to the world as a whole with a focus on educating the youth. YOU GO KANYE, you have my endorsement. Catch up with his rant on twitter @kanyewest or check out some of my personal favorite tweets from the 3hr escapade below.

“What good is fame and prestige if you can’t use it to help people… I want to help by doing what I know how to do best .. create”

“…To dream of, create, advertise and produce products driven equally by emotional want and utilitarian need.. To marry our wants and needs.”

“We can collectively effect the world trough design. We need to pick up where steve jobs left off”

-@kanye west

The new seven screen experience Kanye is developing; courtesy of Kanye’s twitter account, @kanyewest

“Watch the Throne” studded Tartan shirt by Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy

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There are no two brands I love more than Gisele Bundchen (yes, she is a brand.) and Givenchy. Shot by the always amazing Mert + Marcus , Gisele looks insane in this stormy beach scene. Our (tropical baseball) hats are off to you Tisci, you’ve done it yet again.

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I love the styling on this shoot… Nicholas Galetti always does such a good job and with subjects like these soon to be big-shot models, you can’t go wrong! I especially love the mixed media in the accessories and the printed Nikes in the first image. Jacob Morton, Felix Cordier, Patrick O’Donnell and Jan Philip Zuelke show that not only “girls just wanna have fun”.  Shot by Matias Indjic for Dedicated Magazine.


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I would have this video playing over and over again on a projector on the wall

My decor would be metallic themed … I think red and green is cheesy and the holidays should be sparkly and magical, not kitschy.  like this:

I would wrap all my guests’ party favors in diamonds like this:

I would have VIE LUXE candles burning, not only do they smell incredible but they come in this most divine jar as well.

and I would have an arrangement of books on my coffee table, of course including Carine Roitfeld’s book, IRREVERENT

images via amazon, and vieluxe
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Headed to the ASOS SS12 preview last week and it totally blew my mind. Their use of fabrication is incredible considering the price point. I loved all the tropical inspired hot shorts and mini dresses. The lucite tinted visor and perforated backpacks were so cool too. I am always so impressed by the evolution of ASOS as a private label brand. Some of my favorite shots below….

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I don’t even think Cruella De Vil would know how to handle the amount of dalmatian print showing up at retail all over the world right now. Of course, all of these styles are conceptual and not actually dalmatian skin. (that would send PETA over the edge, I am sure of it.) BUT, I do think its a great alternative to the overkill of animal we are seeing for the umpteenth season. ThOSE Penelope + Coco pumps are DYNAMITE and literally my favorite thing on the internet right now, I would HIGHLY encourage any fashionista in their right mind to swoop them before they are sold out. How do you guys feel about dalmatian? Are you going to rock this trend once our bone chilling Manhattan winter sets in?










With the holiday season quickly approaching I have all I can do to not explode sequins. It seems as though every year each retailer adds more and more sparkle to their assortment, creating a winter wonderland that has girls shinning like a walking disco ball. I am feeling more into shimmer this holiday rather than sequins and raw metallic. There is something so magical about shimmer’s subtle iridescence as it glistens in the dusk of night.

images via weheartit, tumblr

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Heather and I are at Art Basel in Miami this week and here are a few things I’m dreaming of having to wear this weekend! I really love the monochromatic look with pops of bright punchy accessories. (I might even give my right arm for those Altuzarra pumps…!) Basel has been great so far, amazing galleries and photos to come soon, stay tuned.

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One of my Global Trend call outs for SPRING 2013 is “Lost in Africa” and this video put me in the perfect mood for next season ! Vogue Australia goes into the wild here:

Fashion gone wild with Isabel Lucas in Africa from Vogue Australia on Vimeo.

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