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Après Ski Jewelry

As always, I am quite fond of geometrics, glitter, and color – especially when combined – as Après Ski has done with this collection of theirs…

Missing My #1 + Our Sweet Macs

every. single. day.



love you for life and then some.

Golden Ink Porcelin Jewelry

Golden Ink is a small collaborative porcelain jewelery company from Melbourne Australia comprised of Abby Seymour and Katherine Wheeler. I am in LOVE with their pieces and would love to have one of every design.

Which also reminds me…I need to buy a kiln…

SUPER Sunglasses Autumn 2011

The Panama silhouette set the standard for the new Super Autumn 2011 collection. The colors below span the entire season.

The America frame is created to invoke a particular Americana: jukeboxes, Cadillac and Johnny Cash, seen through the lens of a 90’s Wrigley’s commercial.

The Paloma silhouette comes with a round shape, still rare to the SUPER collection.

More to come…

Marc by Marc Jacobs 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

Woop Woop!! With lightning bolts for hands and a black/white graphic face, the watches are also inscribed with ‘Love Marc Jacobs’ at the back and comes with a leather and metal straps. The watches also will come packaged in a limited edition box that has a graphic inner lining similar to that on the face.

Miu Miu Mini’s for Fashion Night Out 2011

Miu Miu gets ready for Fashion Night Out, September 8th, with a shrunken collection of a few of it’s Autumn 2011 collection.

Kelly Wearstler Jewelry

So addicted to the look of raw materials combined with simple geometric forms…

BUY here!

Hermès x Kongo Silk Scarves

Hermès has teamed up with graffiti artist Kongo this fall to produce a line of silk scarves based around his signature style – with part of the proceeds going towards graffiti collective Kosmopolis which supports young artists!

Devon ‘Tread 1’ Time Belt Watch

This watch is AMAZING.

BUY (if you’re quite wealthy, that is.)