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Temperatures are cooling off, the sky is as blue as can be and the crisp signs of Autumn lurk with each gust of wind. I can’t think of a better way to spend this weekend then cozy with friends in the Hamptons so that’s just we will will do! Headed out this evening with Heather Lunny, the Magazine Editor at Fashion Snoops (her blog is amazing if you haven’t seen it already…here). We will report back with ample inspiration from chunky sweaters, dinner table delights and beach snapshots sure to ease everyone into the coming fall season.

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Our street style photogs have been out and about snapping away during fashion week this season and we’ve begun to notice an interesting trend emerging in mens accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty of men in my travels wearing cross-body man bags and even over sized totes but never have I seen such a strong trend of men donning lady’s handbags without even the slightest hesitation. For a couple of years now we have seen a huge shift towards Androgyny as an overall lifestyle trend and it is only going to pick up speed as we plunge into the future. Is this a direction that men of the world are willing to embrace or is this simply a stylish coincidence contained to the savvy streets of Fashion Week ?

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This season we’ve done something a little different with our initial runway analysis. Not only are we reporting on our most beloved ladies and juniors shows from each season but we created an overview of the top accessories from each city as well. All the reports from NYFW are posted on the website and below is a little sneak preview…. click HERE for more!

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I discovered this blog LUXIRARE over a year ago and I literally am blown away every single time I take a peek. She has impeccable style and the best part is that she makes every single piece herself. She is a visionary with unprecedented craftsmanship and I am especially loving this caged clutch at the moment. For more inspiration from LUXIRARE visit her blog HERE.


With all this SS12 fever in the air its hard not to become image crazy as you surf the web. From runway shows to tumblrs you start off browsing one show which reminds you of a post on a blog you saw which brings you to five other blogs, eight shopping carts and a desktop littered with jpegs, gifs tifs and madness… trust me, I know. Amidst the overwhelming stimulation and fashion week madness I managed to focus my inspiration into one rather psychedelic sensibility. Sink your teeth into my creative juices and get lost in a world of florescent hues and geometric shapes.
images via tumblr, carlywaito, ffffound, fashiongonerogue and weheartit
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Considering how baron the necks of NYFW were I was thrilled to see these killer statement necklace come down the runway in London. Stay tuned for full LFW coverage coming today! We are back from Milan so now I have time to actually serve up a runway feast! xx


Amsterdam is hands-down one of the best cities in Europe and I say that with both a business and personal tone. For shopping retail it is absolutely incredible there are so many stores which provide such a unique assortment of clothing and accessories. What I find so particularly fascinating is the fact that there is virtually no one on the street who isn’t in a pair of sneakers. High-top Nikes and Vans were certainly the two most popular styles, rightfully so as Amsterdam is littered with sneaker shops on every corner.

Below you will find just a few quick shots of the city and surrounding areas, enjoy!

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After spending almost a month watching chic European women walk past me donning a pair of hightop sneakers I don’t think I can live another day with out a pair for myself. I think Isabel Marant might be responsible for this global acceptances of the “sneaker” but either way, IM SOLD and I WANT…



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