Monthly Archives: July 2011

Sisicata Natural Resin Jewelry

I love resin and anything natural that grounds me. Sylwia Calus, a young emerging Polish designer, casts moss, amber, pine bark, and other earthy wonders in clear resin in the shape of bangles, globe pendants, rings, and more.

Unearthen Resort11

Favorites from the latest Unearthen lookbook

Nora Rochel Jewelry

Digging the gritty rawness of the works by German artist Nora Rochel.

CHRISHABANA S/S 2011 Collection

“Tricks aren’t just for kids…CHRISHABANA makes magic resurrecting gothic iconography and filtering it through a pop lens.”
After bringing a hard edge collection in 2010, Chrishabana writes a lover’s swan song for spring/summer 2011: his latest offerings are a study of the heart from start to finish…

WeSC x Anna Sheffield present Bing Bang

This collab is a new street style jewelry collection, gathering inspiration from NYC surroundings and the rich culture of Sheffield’s upbringing in the Southwest.