Monthly Archives: June 2011

StudioKahn – Breakable Jewelry

These pieces of jewelry must be broken in order for them to be wearing. I am always a huge fan of destruction resulting in something better. This couple from Israel also makes ceramic “breakable” pieces for the home, as well as famous Israel souvenirs.


Love the simple geometrics employed in her pieces. I also love the fact that you can order each piece in colorful nylon for a cheaper (and brighter) alternative to the pricey 14k gold or sterling silver.

Bloomington, IN – Plan-It-X Fest – I’m Back!!

I was out of town for a festival in Bloomington, Indiana and got back Tuesday morning at 2AM.

And while waiting to get tattooed noticed this…

Had a blast and surprisingly loved Bloomington. Can’t wait to go back next year!!

Custom Coin Rings

These rings are made from coins by a stay at home dad ❤

Chequita Nahar – 1970 Paramaribo (Suriname)

Art or jewelry? I love the combination of materials and textures.

Need Supply Co. Accessories

Some details from my favorites on Need Supply Co…

Deep Dark Africa

Trying something a little different…
Adoring the patterns and colors of the pieces at the online store Deep Dark Africa. They offer a wonderfully curated collection of ethnic inspired accessories.

Watch your accessories ladies…

…they just might land you in jail!

Of course…that’s just the way we roll.

Our Shop.

Falling for just about everything London-based Our Shop has to offer!!